How Business Owners Can Increase Online Relevance With Video Remarketing

By October 2, 2016Featured

Online video has historically outperformed most other content mediums with elevated rates of user engagement, view-to-action, and increased contribution to digital brand presence. By streaming video remarketing ads on major channels like YouTube and Facebook, advertisers and business owners can reach lost website visitors, similar audiences, and entirely new leads with high-quality content that receives significantly enhanced engagement compared to static display advertisements.

In addition to better-functioning ad copy, video increases the overall relevance of your brand. According to, businesses utilizing video content in their online marketing strategy are able to drive 41% more web traffic from organic search than non-video users, and including video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more (

The Google & Bing organic search algorithms can experience periodic and unpredictable change, however these changes primarily serve to prioritize information that Google believes will enhance a searcher’s user experience. Since video content has been shown to decrease on-page bounce rate and increase average user time spent on-site, Google rewards sites with embedded video content by prioritizing them in organic search results.

Remarketing with video content unites ultra-relevant contextual advertising with the highest-engagement online ad medium available. However, many brands struggle to branch out into serving online streaming ads to their website visitors and social media followers due to technical limitations in production, or as a result of their external advertising partner lacking familiarity with the rapidly-evolving landscape of in-stream ad offerings.

According to, user engagement to video ads has demonstrated that quality counts: 62% of consumers are reportedly more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that published a poor quality video. The potential for negative feedback highlights the importance of releasing high-definition, unique and informative content that captures attention and increases brand awareness. By focusing on in-stream advertising inventory, Remarkify video remarketing ads also entirely avoid the potentially-distracting “following” effect of static display retargeting ads.

How Video Remarketing Works

Remarkify builds custom audiences for business owners and advertisers using a javascript remarketing pixel from Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. When users visit a landing page or website where the pixel has been placed, follow a social media page, or take another pre-defined action to familiarize themselves with a brand online, they are added to a larger audience pool that can be served retargeting ads while they browse YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

When users are served the retargeted video advertisement, they have the option of skipping the video after the first 5 seconds, which is anticipated to occur in at least 60% of the instances in which the ad is served. However, users that recognize the video as being from a website they visited earlier will often continue to watch beyond the required 5 seconds and may ultimately click the ad and redirect back to the website or landing page. Remarkify video remarketing ads are web-shorts at approximately 45-seconds to 1.5-minutes in length, and are designed to capture attention and drive action as quickly as possible.

The video remarketing format is highly targeted and effective compared to YouTube’s TrueView streaming inventory, which enables advertisers to stream ads to new audiences based on a set of pre-defined interest or relevancy factors. Remarkify builds custom video marketing plans for every advertiser which can optionally include TrueView streaming inventory, however remarketing audiences demonstrate the highest conversion intent as well as willingness to consume and view the video ad content, as opposed to users with no brand familiarity.

For business owners and advertisers looking to add high-definition video streaming to their digital marketing strategy, Remarkify is the only creative remarketing agency positioned to provide every step of the video marketing funnel – from original, branded video production, to omni-channel retargeting, and elite campaign reporting and optimization. To learn more about our video marketing services, visit our website or give us a call: (424) 253-5271.